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HFC Theatre Alumni and Student Success Information

The Associate In Arts Theatre Degree is intended as a transfer degree primarily for those interested in pursuing a Theatre degree in a four-year college or for avocational or self-enrichment purposes, and is not intended as a vocational end in itself. Completion of the HFC Theatre Associate In Arts Degree may not be the best academic strategy for students intending to major in Theatre at a four-year institution. Taking selective HFC Theatre Arts classes may be more beneficial to a student's overall academic and career goals.

This list is a partial list of theatre alumni who took at least four theatre classes at HFC or graduated from HFC with an AA in Theatre, or transferred to another school and graduated with a degree in Theatre, Film, or Dance, or gained substantial employment in the entertainment business.This is is not an exhaustive list of students nor is it intended as a measure of enrollemnt in HFC Theatre Arts classes.

Alumni! If your name is not here, or to update information, please contact us at 313-845-6478 or send an email to

Name HFCC Associate In Arts Theatre Transfer Degrees Employment
Tamika Kichen 2008 BA-Telecom, Theatre Oakland University
Amy Church 2008 BFA-Musical Theatre, Oakland University
Chris Call 2009 BA-Theatre, Eastern Michigan University
Morgan Manansa 2009 BFA-Acting, Roosevelt University Babes with Blades Theatre Co.
Amanda Chahine 2009 BA-Theatre, Wayne State University
James Dizmang 2009 BA-Theatre, Eastern Michigan University Trinity House Theatre
James Hodges 2009 BFA-Acting, Oakland University Disney-Florida
Karmina Bishop 2009 BA-Theatre, Wayne State University
Derrick Fawaz 2009 BA-Film Studies and Cultures, University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Angi Lai 2010
BA-Literature, University of Michigan, Dearborn
MA-Theatre, Eastern Michigan University
St. Valentine School Drama Director, Wayne County Community College Humanities Instructor, Theatre Production Manager: Concordia University
Mike Fischer 2010
BFA-Acting, Wayne State University
MFA-Acting, Florida State University (Ansolo)
Tim Beson 2010 BA-Theatre, Eastern Michigan University
Jacob Packer 2012
James LaLone 2012 Dearborn Center For Performing Arts
Monique Tokar 2011 BS-Theatre, Eastern Michigan University
Dominic Lomuscio 2012 BA-Theatre, Alma College
Amanda Pierce 2012 BFA-Acting, Wayne State University
Joe Kulza 2012 BA-Theatre, Eastern Michigan University
Laith Salim 2012 BA-Theatre, Wayne State University
Shauna Hazime 2012 BFA-Acting, Oakland University