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Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web

“The best American children’s book of the past two hundred years” –The Children’s Literature Association.
“The bestselling children’s paperback of all time” Publisher’s Weekly.
“You have kept its spirit and my intent. Congratulations and cheers!” –E.B. White

A faithful adaptation of the original novel, this story of a baby pig who is saved by the ingenuity and love of Fern, a brave eight year old girl whose protection, love and care for Wilbur transforms a whole town, will delight family audiences. With an original score by HFC music faculty and veteran composer Anthony Lai (Dinosaurus, Twelfth Night, Tales from the Arabian Nights, Wisdom and Wonder), this story weaves together themes of the power of dedication, cooperation among individual differences, the power of public opinion, and the magic of seeing the ordinary as special.

Open to public, private and home school groups of any size, performances are Monday through Friday, November 14-18, from 10-11am. Recommended for grades 1-8, tickets are $3 per student, with teachers and chaperones free. We can accommodate 385 individuals per performance. A detailed study guide for teachers will help you examine the themes mentioned above, as well as give you scientific and historical information.

E-mail your questions or reservation request to:, or call 313.845.9817. Reservations will be taken on an as-received basis; confirmations and payment information will be forwarded within 48 hours. Study guides will follow.

When you contact us, please tell us:
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All performances at:
MacKenzie Fine Arts Center, Building F, Adray Auditorium, 5101 Evergreen Road, Dearborn, MI. 48128

HFC Theatre prides itself on offering a diverse selection of arts entertainment for the residents of Michigan. Not all productions may appeal to or be appropriate for every person or for all ages. Therefore, patrons are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the shows we offer in order to make informed decisions prior to purchasing tickets.


A faithful retelling of the original novel by E.B. White, adapted by Joseph Robinette.
As in the original novel, a complex plot with a wide range of character types, both animal and human, reflects the variety of personalities in the actual world. Intelligent dialogue goes back and forth from being playful and humorous to discussions of serious topics.

Many positive behaviors are exhibited by the various characters: friendship, loyalty, self-reliance, cooperation, resourcefulness, hard work, and peaceful conflict resolution. The naturalness of death, and the undesirability of fearing it, are also touched upon.

Charlotte demonstrates friendship, loyalty, perseverance, sacrifice and a positive attitude. Fern stands up to what she perceives as injustice, and sacrifices her time and energy to care for Wilbur. Her parents are intelligent and compromising. Her aunt and uncle are supportive and hard working.
The animals band together to help Charlotte and Wilbur, and even the reluctant outcast, Templeton the rat, is talked into assisting.

There is one brief physical confrontation between Fern and her brother Avery, when Avery tries to destroy Charlotte with a stick. The dramatic moments are serious without being overbearing.


There is no inappropriate language. There are easy to follow, intelligent discussions of the nature of friendship and other age appropriate topics.

None are exhibited or discussed.

Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
Charlotte's Web
Written by: By E.B. White adapted by Joseph Robinette
Directed by: Gerry Dzuiblinski
Nov 11, 12, 18,19 @7pm; Nov 12, 13, 19, 20 @ 2pm/10.00 adults; 5.00 children under 12

Cast and Crew

Scene One: The Arable Farm
Scene Two: The Zuckerman Farm
Scene Three: The County Farm
Scene Four: The Zuckerman Farm

Narrator: Angela Lai
Wilbur, The Pig: Dakota Nuttall
Fern Arable, a young girl: Frankie Nelson Pawlik
Martha Arable, her mother: Joana Aldrich
John Arable, her father: Salem Akra
Avery Arable, her brother: Calum Carscadden
Homer Zuckerman, her Uncle: Alex Jafaar
Edith Zuckerman, her aunt: Brittany Goodman
Lurvy, the Zuckerman’s farmhand: Hani Beydoun, Jim Piche
Charlotte, the Spider: Natasha Hawkins
Templeton, the rat: Demi Signori
The Sheep: Kahrah Noel
The Goose: Margaret Carscadden
Uncle Pig: Mike Ross
Fairground Announcer: Angela Lai, Gerard Dzublinski
Spectators: Mike Ross, John Evans
Fairgoers: Mike Ross, John Evans
Judge: Mike Ross
Reporter: Angie Lai, Gerard Dzublinski
Baby Spiders: Margaret Carscadden, Calum Carscadden

Associate Dean: Cynthia Stiller
Academic Coordinators: Carol Sloan, Randall Knight
Administrative Assistants: Tom Berryman, Linda Prisza
Director of Theatre: Dr. George Popovich

Director: Gerard Dzublinski
Scenic Designer: Gerard Dzublinski
Lighting Designer: David Koltunchik
Costume Designer: Judith Fletcher
Sound Designer: Gerard Dzublinski
Properties Designers: Steven Ruth, Gerard Dzublinski
Composer: Anthony Lai
Makeup Designers: Brittany Goodman, Judith Fletcher, Gerard Dzublinski
Study Guide: Angela Lai


Stage Manager: Hani Beydoun
Assistant Stage Manager: Malak Hazime
Technical Director: Gerard Dzublinski
Sound Engineers: Alan Contino, David Koltunchik
Master Carpenter: Christopher Bremer
Carpenters: Angie Lai, Darren Marchant, Steven Ruth, Salem Akra, Laniece Cole, David Koltunchik, Janae Garner, Leshia Walker, Mike Ross, Alexis Simmons, William Underwood
Scenic Artist: Gerard Dzublisnki
Master Electrician: David Koltuncik
Electricians: Steven Ruth, Laniece Cole
Props: Steven Ruth, Laniece Cole
Costume Crew: Frankie Nelson Pawlik, Alex Jafaar, Demi Signori
Poster and Program Design: Ashleigh Martin
Printing: HFC Graphics
Publicity: Dr. George Popovich, Gary Erwin, Michael Cochran, The Cast and Crew, HFC Graphics, Angie Lai
Program Layout: Ashleigh Martin
Electronic Box Office: Dr. George Popovich
Paint Crew: Angie Lai, Mike Ross, Darren Marchant, Janae Garner, Salem Akra, Steven Ruth, Laniece Cole, Alexis Simmons, Leshia Walker, William Underwood

Deck Captains: Malak Hazime
Sound Board Operators: Steven Ruth, Laniece Cole
Light Board Operators: David Koltunchik, Steven Ruth
Props: Joana Aldrich

House Managers: Chris Bremer, David Koltunchik, Gerard Dzublinski
Box Office Manager: Chris Bremer, Gerard Dzublinski
Ushers: HFC Theatre Volunteers

Special Thanks to: Mary Musinski for the design and construction of Wilbur, Charlotte, Templeton, and sheep costumes.