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The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers

Adult: 12.00/Any Student With ID: 10.00

This adaptation is based on the timeless swashbuckler by Alexandre Dumas, a tale of heroism, treachery, close escapes and above all, honor. The story, set in 1625, begins with d'Artagnan, who sets off for Paris in search of adventure. Along with d'Artagnan goes Sabine, his sister, the quintessential tomboy. Sent with d'Artagnan to attend a convent school in Paris, she poses as a young man – d'Artagnan's servant – and quickly becomes entangled in her brother's adventures. Soon after reaching Paris, d'Artagnan encounters the greatest heroes of the day, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, the famous musketeers, and he joins forces with his heroes to defend the honor of the Queen of France. In so doing, he finds himself in opposition to the most dangerous man in Europe, Cardinal Richelieu. Even more deadly is the infamous Countess de Winter, known as Milady, who will stop at nothing to revenge herself on d'Artagnan – and Sabine – for their meddlesome behavior. Little does Milady know that the young girl she scorns, Sabine, will ultimately save the day.

The Three Musketeers Photos
The Three Musketeers Photos
The Three Musketeers Photos
The Three Musketeers Photos
The Three Musketeers Photos
The Three Musketeers Photos
The Three Musketeers Photos
The Three Musketeers Photos
The Three Musketeers Photos
The Three Musketeers Photos
Written by: Peter Raby, based on the novel by Alexander Dumas
Directed by: Christopher Bremer
April 4-5-6-11-12-13

Cast and Crew

Henry Ford Community College Department of Humanities and Social Science Division Presents

Produced by Special Arrangement to with Dramatists Play, Inc
Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
Lighting Designer: Scott Ross
Costume Designer: Judy Fletcher
Adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas

CAST (Order of Appearance)
Andrew St. John: D’Artagnan
Michael Parks: D’Artagnan’s Father, Duke of Buckingham/Excecutioner
Jessica Robbins: D’Artagnan’s Mother/O’Reilly
Richard Summersett Jr.: Rochefort
India Krishana Jackson: Jussac/Sergeant-Major
Joshua Neilson: Bicarat/Lord De Winter:
Katie Higgins: Milady De Winter
Eric Vega: Innkeeper of Jolly Miller, Chantilly, Dovecot/De Treville
Brighid Driscoll: Madame Coquenard
Starsha Varner: Bonaciex/Comte de Wardes/Cure
Stephanie Mullen: Coquenard/Laporte
Zaina Berri: 1st Musketeer/Stranger
Alex Jaafar: 2nd Musketeer/Beggar
Samantha Kenbeek: 3rd Musketeer/Ormsby
Kyle Moylan: 4th Musketeer/Felton
Ahmad Samra: Porthos
Brian Beiber: Athos
Mikaeel Abdun-Nur: Aramis
Natalie Pares: Constance/Drunken Soldier
Billy Thomas: King LouisXII/Sea Captain
Marisa Grivins: Dona Estefania
Angie Lai: Queen Anne of Austria
E.J. Oris: Cardinal Richelieu
Cody Mcgough: Planchet
Kennedy Cooper: Landlady of the Gilded Lily/Drunken Soldier
Louai Hussein: Grimaud/Jesuit
Luci Metzger: Kitty
Michael Ross: Briesmont
Joshua Gibson: Drunken Soldier
Danya Lynn Talab: Abbess
Mitchell Vargas: Aide to the King

Director: Christopher Bremer
Technical Director/Set and Prop Design: Gerry Dzublinski
Lighting Designer/Chief Electrician: Scott Ross
Costume Design: Judy Fletcher
Shop Foreman: Christopher Bremer
Fight Choreographer: Wayne David Parker
Dance Choreographer: Jessica Womack
Scenic Painters: Anas Pasha, Gerry Dzublinski, Michael Ross, Josh Nicholson, Angie Lai
Stage Manager: Danya Lynn Talab
Assistant Stage Manager: Stephanie Mullen
Assistant to Technical Director: Anas Pasha
Deck Captain: Louai Hussein, Jessica Robbins
Scenic Crew: Anita Holsey-Banks, Christian T.Bruce, James D Hagwood, Jason H Kollias, Randy Kamrad, Peter Agar II, Reeba Neely, Quevie Wells, Ali Doppke, Anas Pasha, Ayad Jaafar, Deron Porter, Michael Ross, Josh Neilson, Robert Stein, Corey Davis, The Cast
Lead Property Artisan: Peter Agar II
Properties Mistresses: Angie Lai, Katie Higgins
Dramaturg: Angie Lai
Light Board Operators: Reeba Neely, Anita Holsey-Banks
Sound Board Operators: Randy Kamrad
Sound Designers: Eric Vega, Michael Parks, Gerry Dzublinski, Angie Lai
Costume Crew: Renee Hartert, Natalie Pares
Armorer: Alex Jaafar
Queen’s Portrait: Alan Contino, Patty Sekulidis
Lobby Display: Angie Lai
French Language Consultant: Professor Gabriella Eschrich
Publicity: Michael Cochran, Gerry Dzublinski, Angie Lai
Program Designer: India Krishana Jackson

Dr. George Popovich
G. Kevin Dewey
Alan Contino
Randall Knight
Harold Jurkiweicz
Mary Bremer
Art Beer
Angie Lai
HFCC Graphics
The Jet Theatre
Prof. Gabriella Eschrich