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Drinking In America

Drinking In America

Eric Bogosian looks at what turns people on - alcohol, drugs, sex, power - and savagely dissects their willing intoxication. The result is a blisteringly funny series of monologues, portraits of people who have gotten high on hedonism being peddled as the American dream. ''Drinking in America'' is a wild, nightmarish ride through an America where success can excuse a lot of faults. It's an unforgettable journey made all the more disturbing because of the laughter the audience encounters along the way.

15.00 General Public
12.00 Faculty, Staff, Seniors, Students
For further information, please contact Gerry Dzuiblinski at 313.845.9817 or via email at
Audience Warning: Strong language and mature themes. Explicit language, sexual and drug references. If in doubt, please read the play before attending.


HFC’s ‘Drinking in America’ is Edgy, Well-Performed Adult Production

Sue Suchyta Times Herald Newspapers August 25, 2013: p. 34

Eric Bogosian’s, “Drinking in America,” directed by Mary Bremer-Beer of Warren at Henry Ford College through the end of August is an edgy and well-acted collection of adult monologues delivered by characters who use their drugs of choice to convince themselves that their personal delusions are real.

The show runs weekends through Aug. 31, with 8 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday shows and 2 p.m. Sunday. General admission is $15, with $12 tickets for students, faculty and staff. To purchase tickets online, go to

Photos-Drinking In America
Photos-Drinking In America
Photos-Drinking In America
Photos-Drinking In America
Photos-Drinking In America
Photos-Drinking In America
Photos-Drinking In America
Photos-Drinking In America
Photos-Drinking In America
Photos-Drinking In America
Written by: Eric Bogosian
Directed by: Mary Bremer
Aug 23-24-25-29-30-31/Sunday @ 2pm. Other days @ 8pm.

Cast and Crew

Act 1
Our Gang: Zach Ross
Fever: Judo Manko
Melting Pot: Ahmad Sammas
No Problems: Jamie Pappas
Candy: Matt Mayes
Blow: Joshua Neilson
Let’s Misbehave: Jamie Pappas
Sunny Side of the Street: Matt Mayes & Jamie Pappas

Act 2
Frankie & Johnny: David Alexander & Judy Fletcher
American Dreamer: Richard Summersett
Nobody Knows You: David Alexander
Godhead: Stefanie Mullen
Smile: Judy Fletcher
Law: Zach Ross
Blues in The Night: Mariah Johnson
Dirt: Judo Manko
Mercy, Mercy Me: David Alexander
Grace of God: Maurice Phillips
Lean on Me: The Company

(Also featuring Mariah Johnson, Natalie Pares, Zaina Berri, and Tanisha Simmons)

Technical Crew
Scenic Designer & Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
Musical Director: David Alexander
Costumes: Judy Fletcher
Stage Manager: Zaina Berri
Shop Foreman: Christopher Bremer
Assistant Director: Natalie Peres
Lighting Designer: Scott Ross
Property Mistress: Tanisha Simmons
Deck Captain: Jamie Pappas
Set Crew: Angie Lai & Anas Pasha
Sound Board Operator: Zaina Berri


Dr. George Popovich, Director of Theatre, Director of VTL Lab, Acting and Directing
Gerry Dzublinski, Technical Director, Directing, Acting
E. Alan Contino, VTL Chief Engineer
Christopher Bremer, Directing, Acting, Shop Foreman
Dan Liemieu, Motion Capture Performance
Gary Glaser, VTL Instructor
Judy Fletcher, Costuming, Makeup, Acting, Directing
Mary Bremer-Beer, Directing, Acting
Karen Brehmer, Directing, Acting
Scott Ross, Lighting Designer
Edwin Bawal VTL Technician
Michael Cochran, Publicist