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Vital Signs

HFC's Vital Signs Makes Strong Showing

Sue Suchyta Dearborn Times Herald August 20, 2011:pp.22

Henry Ford College opened Jane Martin’s “Vital Signs” Thursday at Adray Auditorium in the Mackenzie Fine Arts Center for a two-weekend run. The collection of songs and monologues is a showcase of intense experiences that challenge the student ensemble, which is directed by Mary Bremer-Beer “Vital Signs” showcases 18 performers in a variety of cabaret style-songs as well as some intense first person monologues.

Beer has brought out the best in a relatively inexperienced student cast. She also treats us to the closing monologue “Truck Stop.”

Vital Signs-2011
Vital Signs-2011
Vital Signs-2011
Vital Signs-2011
Vital Signs-2011
Vital Signs-2011
Vital Signs-2011
Vital Signs-2011
Vital Signs-2011
Vital Signs-2011
Directed by: Mary Bremer-Beer

Cast and Crew

Impotence: Judy Fletcher
Nightmare Daughter: Courtney Butterfield
Duke Phrase: Marquitta Washington
When I’m Gone: Maryann Peeples
30 Hours: Caroline Cajas
Nintendo Woman: Judo Manko
Hams: Laith Salim
Jay: David Rojas
Trick Shot: Katie Orwig
Goody Goody: Mariah Johnson
Rollercoster: Christian Plonka
Daddy: Miekyle Turner
Hors D’oeurves: Maryann Peeples
Snakes: Alexis Simmons
Father’s Circle: Mariah Johnson
Iguana: Katie Orwig
Abortion Lawyer: Asia Monay Smith
Making Whoopee: Judy Fletcher
Fried Chicken: Judo Manko
Skins: Robert Gray
Cocaine Hotline: Judy Fletcher
There’ll be changes made: Judo Manko
Stud/I’m in Heaven: Jake Baker
That Girl: Marquitta Washington
Truck Stop: Mary Bremer Beer

Production Staff

Director: Mary F. Bremer- Beer
Musical Director/Pianist: David Alexander
Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
Scenic Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
Costume Designer: Judy Fletcher
Lighting Designers: Scott Ross, Jennifer Gadzecki
Shop Foreman: Christopher Bremer
Lead Carpenter/Painter: Katie Orwig
Shop Technicians: Haimah Saleh, Laroyya Clark
Deck Captain: Chris Stephens
House Manager/Box Office: Friends of Company
Ushers: Friends of Company
Printing: HFC Graphics
Light Board Operator: Tina Dimitroff
Sound Board Operators: Miekyle Turner, Denise Eady
Construction and Painting Crew: Hannah Saleh, Laroyya Clark, Chris Stephens, Tina Dimitroff, Denise Eady, Julie Pudulek
Properties Supervisor: Julie Pudulek
Rehearsal Sound Operator: Miekyle Turner
Program: Laith Salim