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Student Directed One Acts

Student Directed One Acts

HFC presents ‘The Actor’s Nightmare’ and other One Acts

Mirror News Staff Mirror News June 2007 pp.3-4

Henry Ford College Fine Arts and Fitness Division will present their annual One Act Festival June 17 to 19 and 24 to 26, with 8pm. Friday and Saturday shows and 2pm Sunday matinee.
Gerry Dzublinski provided the artistic and technical direction and scenic designs, with Kim Barrett designing the costumes and Jennifer Gadzecki designing the lighting.

Directed by: Various Students
June 14-26, 2011

Cast and Crew

The Faculty Meeting

By Ken Jones

Directed by: Jennifer Rymarz
Stage Manager: Dennis Rymarz
Costume Managers: Jennifer Rymarz, Robert Gray
Props Manager: David Rojas
Dramaturgy: Ensemble


  • Mr. Fondie: Jamie Pappas
  • Dr. Quagmire: Laith Salim
  • Ms. Lipswich: Amanda Chahine
  • Ms. Crummie: India Jackson
  • Mr. Bland: David Rojas
  • Mr. Wright: Robert Gray


By Percy Granger

Directed by Miekyle Turner
Stage Manager: Asia Monay Smith
Costume Manager: Miekyle Turner
Props Manager: Dominic Lomuscio
Sound Designer: Miekyle Turner
Dramaturgy: Ensemble


  • Vivien: Dominic Lomuscio
  • Paul: Christian Plonka
  • Nurse: Asia Monay Smith

The Actor’s Nightmare

By Christopher Durang

Directed By: Ramzi Khzouz
Stage Manager: Jamie Pappas
Costume Manager: Ramzi Khouz
Props Manager: Ramzi Khouz Amanda Chahine
Sound Designer: Ramzi Khouz


  • George Spelvin: Laith Salim
  • Sarah Siddons: Amanda Chahine
  • Dame Ellen Terry: Amanda Pierce
  • Meg, the stage manager: India Jackson
  • Henry Irving: Jamie Pappas, Ramzi Khouz

Augustus Does His Bit

By George Bernard Shaw

Directed by: Tim Beson
Stage Manager: Tim Pollack
Costume Manager: Amanda Pierce
Props Manager: Jesse Warren
Sound Designer: Tim Beson
Dramaturge: Tim Pollack


  • Augustus: Jesse Warren
  • Clerk: Tim Pollack
  • The Lady: Amanda Pierce

Mountain Language

By Harold Palmer

Directed by: Gerry Dzublinski
Stage Manager: Kevis Sardin


  • Prisoner: Robert Gray
  • Guard: Tim Pollack
  • Hooded Man: Dennis Rymarz
  • Old Woman: Asia Monay Smith

Festival Production Staff

  • Artistic Director: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Technical Director & Scenic Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Costume Designer: Kim Barrett
  • Properties Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Lighting Designer: Jennfier Gadzecki
  • Shop Foreman: Chris Bremer
  • Lead Painter: Katie Orwig
  • Carpenters: Chris Bremer, Katie Orwig
  • Lead Costumer: Miekyle Turner
  • Shop Technicians: Laronya Clark, Halma Salah
  • Lighting Crew: Christian Plonka, Miekyle Turner, Ramzi Khzouz
  • Properties, Set, and Scene Crew Change: The Ensemble
  • Publicity: Laith Salem, Gary Erwin, Dr. Popovich, Gerry Dzublinski, Dennis Rymarz, Michael Cochran
  • Program: Laith Salim
  • Deck Captain: Tim Pollack
  • Production Assistant: Jesse Warren
  • House Manager/Box Office: Kelly Plonka
  • Ushers: Friends of Company
  • Printing: HFCC Graphics