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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Henry Ford Community College
Fine Arts and Fitness Division

Sleeping Beauty

Adapted by Stacy Lane
Directed by Christopher Bremer
Technical Direction by Gerry Dzublinski
Costumes by Judy Fletcher
Lighting by Scott Ross


Christopher Bremer directed the show, which brought out an amazing amount of talented acting in the cast. Gerry Dzuiblinski as technical director delights the house with the colorful and imagination-inspiring set and costumes his technical team created on his watch. The 40-minute show opens with original hip hop music and lyrics created for the show by cast member Asia Robbinson of Detroit, with choreography by cast member Joanna Graham of Westland. The contributions of the two start the show on an energetic and upbeat note.

The cast members play multiple roles, and the cast rotates for the numerous daytime school and weekend performances. If you wish to see a friend play a particular role, check with them to see when they will perform it. The cast worked hard to make the show upbeat, energized and to engage young audiences who expect a fast pace and who appreciate interactivity. The set is colorful, well-crafted and creates a wonderful setting for a fantasy fairytale world.

The costumes are colorful and convincing, from the frog to the fairies. The sound crew added some great sound snipets to entertain teens and adults, adding everything from James Bond-style music to “Raiders of the Last Ark” music to entertain and tickle one’s funny bone. The wall of sleeping zombie-like humans who guard the castle is entertaining and fell like a well-rehearsed row of human slinkies. The frog role is funny, too, from the Rocky-theme inspired bravado with a sword to the eccentric urge to tongue-catch flies.

Children and adults will be caught up in the delightful show, and will also enjoy the special plot twist at the end with the disgruntled fairy that started the spell-wars. The women in the cast include Shauna Hazime of Dearborn Heights, Courtney Butterfield of Redford Township and Asia Robbinson, India Jackson and Betty L. Daniels of Detroit. Other women in the cast include Danya Talab and Samantha York of Dearborn, Andrea Wells-Preister of Allen Park, Joanna Graham of Westland and Sabrina Loving of Romulus.

The male cast members include Adam Kamrad of Dearborn, Dominic Lomuscio of Dearborn Heights and Tim Pollock of Wyandotte, Robert Gray of Redford Township and Joey Kulza of Brownstown Township. Other men in the cast include Detroit residents Drake Highgate, Kirk Marcellus Hogan, London Johnson, Kahrah Noel and VicAngelo Offutt.

Sleeping Beauty-2011
Sleeping Beauty-2011
Sleeping Beauty-2011
Sleeping Beauty-2011
Sleeping Beauty-2011
Sleeping Beauty-2011
Sleeping Beauty-2011
Directed by: Christopher Bremer
Fridays through Sundays: Nov 4-6, 11-13, 18-20; 7pm Fri and Sat, 2pm Sunday.

Cast and Crew

Courtney Butterfield: Morwinda & Beatrice
Shauna Rae Hazime: Morwinda & Beatrice
Asia Elizabeth: Morwinda & Beatrice
Danya Talab: Morwinda & Beatrice
Andrea Wells:Preister: Morwinda & Beatrice
India Jackson: Torwinda & Penelope
Sabrina Loving: Torwinda & Penelope
Samantha York: Torwinda &Griselda
Betty Daniels: Griselda
Joanna Graham: Griselda
Amanda Pierce: Penelope & Griselda
Story Teller, Frog, King Wallace, Prince Fredrick:
Adam Kamrad
Dominic Lomuscio
Tim Pollock
Robert Gray
Joey Kulza
Drake Highgate
Kirk Marcellus Hogan
London Johnson
Kahrah Noel
Vic Angelo Offutt

Production Staff

Scenic and Properties Design: Gerry Dzublisnki
Lighting Design: Scott Ross
Costume Design: Judy Fletcher
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Miekyle Turner
Assistant Costumer: Kimberly Barrett
Sound Design: Christopher Bremer
Technical Director: Gerry Dublinski
Lead Painter: Eugenia Yee
Chief Electrician: Scott Ross
Shop Foreman: Christopher Foreman
Sound Operators: James Lalone
Light board Operator: Julie Pudelick
Deck Captains: Tim Pollack and Joseph Kulza
Publicity: Gary Erwin, Dr. George Popovich, Gerry Dzublinski, Michael Cochran, Courtney Butterfield
Study Guide: Gerry Dzublisnki, Tim Pollack
Program: Joseph Kulza


Painters: Gerry Dzublinski, Errick Christian-Chandler, Tamara Roberts, Ali Kazan, John Lakatos, Octavia Griffin, Samantha York, Andrea Wells-Preister, Shauna Hazime, Miekyle Turner, Joseph Kulza, VicAngelo Offutt, Betty Daniels, Courtney Butterfield, Kahrah Noel, Amanda Pierce, Jessica Allen, Asia Robinson.
Scenic Construction: John Lakatos, Ali Kazan, Errick Christian-Chandler, Octavia Griffin, the cast
Properties Crew: Jessica Allen, Shauna Hazime, India Jackson
Costume Crew: Amanda Pierce, India Jackson, Courtney Butterfield, Tim Pollack, Samantha York, Andrea Wells-Pressler and Joseph Kulza
Run Crew: Errick Christian-Chandler, Jesscia Allen, Octavia Griffin, Ali Kazan, John Lakatos