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Romeo And Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Mirror Staff HFCC Mirror News

On April 7 one of the greatest love stories ever told hits our stage for the first time as members of the Henry Ford Community College theatre department, directed by Gerry Dzublinski, will perform Romeo and Juliet. This is a classic tale of two lovers who fall in love at first sight and ultimately take their lives due to their families’ hate for one another. Romeo and Juliet demonstrates how society in any given era can affect relationships, not only between lovers but between people, in general as well.

Romeo and Juliet: The After Party

Ramzi Khouz Mirror News May 2011

As the show closed with a sold out crowd of April 17, misery soon struck the hearts of the crew of Romeo and Juliet. In theatre, one of the things that people learn is how to work in an “ensemble.” That is theatre term for working as a group, but becoming an ensemble can lead to so much more. For many of us Romeo and Juliet will quite possibly be the final show, as those departing the theatre program at HFCC will branch out to universities or professional theatres.

Romeo and Juliet-2011
Romeo and Juliet-2011
Romeo and Juliet-2011
Romeo and Juliet-2011
Romeo and Juliet-2011
Romeo and Juliet-2011
Romeo and Juliet-2011
Romeo and Juliet-2011
Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Gerry Dzuiblinski
April 7-17, 2011

Cast and Crew

  • Chorus: Chris Baran, Amanda Chahine, Whitney Holmes, Zahra Jassim Angie Lai, Kevis Sardin, Jr.
  • Sampson: Maurice Whitsett
  • Gregory: Robert Gray
  • Wench: Rosa Hernandez
  • Abram: Christian Plonka
  • Balthasar: Chris Baran
  • Benvolio: Miekyle Turner
  • Tybalt: Jerry Jarvis
  • Lord Capulet: Laith Salim
  • Lord Capulet: LaTetia Lucas
  • Lord Montague: Rick Ford
  • Lady Monatgue: Angie Lai
  • Pricne Escalus: Jamie Pappas
  • Romeo: Tim Pollack
  • Paris: Ramzi Khouz
  • Peter: Christian Plonka
  • Nurse: Monique Tokar
  • Juliet: Amanda Pierce
  • Mercutio: Jesse Warren
  • Mercutio’s Page: Amanda Chahine, Gerry Dzublinski
  • Petruchio: James Lalone
  • Old Capulet: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Party Dancers: Chris Bran, Amanda Chahine, Rick Ford, Whitney Holmes, Zahra Jassim, Angie Lai, LaTetia Lucas, Jamie Pappas, Maurice Whitsnett
  • Friar Laurence: Tim Beson
  • Paris’s Page: Christian Plonka
  • Apothecary: Maurice Whitsett
  • Friar John: Robert Gray
  • Officers: Robert Gray, James Lalone, Maurice Whitsett, Kevis Sardin, Jr

Production Staff


  • Director/Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Assistant Director: Angie Lai
  • Fight Choreography: Dan Lemiuex
  • Dance Choreography: Barb Selinger
  • Sound and Scenic Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Costume Designer: Judy Fletcher
  • Properties Designers: James Lalone, Gerry Dzublinski
  • Student Lighting Designer: Yolanda Aquino
  • Lighting Design Supervisor: Jennifer Gadzecki
  • Tapestry and Coat of Arms Designer: Kate Orwig
  • Publicity Graphic: Kate Orwig
  • Shop Foreman: Christopher Bremer
  • Stage Manager: Rosa Hernandez
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Amanda Chahine
  • Acting Coaches: Angie Lai, Sarah Leahy
  • Fight Captain: Jerry Jarvis
  • Dance Captain: Miekyle Turner
  • Lead Painter: Kate Orwig
  • Carpenters: Greg Barrien, Chris Bremer, Kate Orwig, Arnold Byrd, Johnny Swift, James Lalone.
  • Lead Costumer: Kimberly Barrett
  • Costume Assistant: Amanda Pierce
  • Dressers: Yvonne Pless, Winnie Mowunga, Amanda Chahine, Tina Dimitroff, Ali Dopke, Jerry Jarvis, Jesse Warren, Gerry Dzublinski, Ramzi Khzouz
  • Special Effects Riggers: Don Cooker, James Lalone
  • Special Effects Operator: Robert Gray, Laith Salim, Jesse Warren
  • Rehearsal Sound: Rick Ford
  • Assistant Props Manager: Tim Pollack
  • Armorer: James Lalone
  • Assistant Armorer: Ramzi Khzouz
  • Deck Captian: Ramzi Khzouz
  • Light Board Operators: Donald Cooker, Yolanda Aquino
  • Lighting Crew: Donald Cooker, James Lalone, Christian Plonka
  • Sound Operator: Julie Pudelek
  • Properties, Set and Scene Change Crew: Yvonne Pless, Tina Dimitroff, Ali Dopke, Maree Albert Jopes, James Lalone
  • Costume Managers: Whitney Holmes, Latetia Lucas, Jamie Pappas, Miekyle Turner, Maurice Whitsett
  • Publicity: Mike Cochran, Gerry Dzublinski, Rosa Hernandez, Angie Lai, The Company
  • Dramaturg/Study Guide/Publicity Displays: Angie Lai
  • Assistant Dramaturg/Program: Sarah Leahy
  • Production Assistants: Dana Thornton, Winnie Mowunga, Dan Downey, Rick Ford
  • House Manager/Box Office: Kelly Plonka
  • Assistant House Manager/Box Office: Dan Downey
  • Ushers: Friends of The Company
  • Printing: HFCC Graphics

Music Credits:


  • The Pentagle
  • John Renbourn
  • The Anonymous 4
  • The Choir of Vienna Hofburgkapelle
  • Paul O’Dette
  • Ensemble fur Fruhe Musik Augsburg


  • Hildegard von Bingen
  • Danielle Bachelar
  • Francis Cuttinge
  • John Johnson
  • Anthony de Countie
  • Philip Van Wilder
  • Anthony Holborne
  • Gregory Huwet
  • Thoma Robinson
  • other anonymous composers of the Medieval and Renaissance periods

Our Special Thanks To:

  • Dr. George Popovich, Director of Theatre
  • Susan McGraw
  • Lisa Jane Davis
  • WHFR
  • HFCC’s Eshelman Library
  • HFCC Graphics
  • Experimental Performing Arts Association