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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden-2010
The Secret Garden-2010
The Secret Garden-2010
The Secret Garden-2010
The Secret Garden-2010
The Secret Garden-2010
The Secret Garden-2010
Written by: Pamela Sterling
Directed by: Judith Fletcher

Cast and Crew


  • Mary Lennox-Jenna Sabatini, Amanda Pierce
  • Mrs. Medlock-Marcy Walsh, Carolyn Cajas, Judy Fletcher
  • Martha Sowerby-Monique Tokar, Amanda Pirece
  • Dickon Sowerby-Miekyle Turner
  • Archibald Craven-Chris Holland, Marcellus Hogan
  • Colin Craven-Christian Plonka, Jamie Pappas
  • Ben Weatherstaff-Ramzi Khzouz, Tim Pollack
  • Doctor Craven-Robert Cray, Maurice Whitsett
  • Robin Puppeteer-Marcellus Hogan, Gerry Dzublinski
  • Narrator-Rachel Aitken, Tim Pollack


  • Director-Judith Fletcher
  • Technical Director-Gerry Dzublinski
  • Lead Scenic Painter and Carpenter-Katie Orwig
  • Scenic Designer-Gerry Dzublinski
  • Lead Carpenters-Arnold Byrd, Johnny Swift
  • Stage Manager-Donald Cooker
  • Assistant Stage Manager-Marcellus Hogan
  • Production Deck Captian-James LaLone
  • Assistant Deck Captain-Robert Gray, Chris Holland
  • Rehearsal Deck Captain-Chris Holland
  • Costume Designer-Judith Fletcher
  • Costumer-Judith Fletcher
  • Assistant Costumer-Kimberly Barrett
  • Makeup-Rachel Aiken, Gerry Dzublisnki, The Company
  • Publicity-Gerry Dzublinski, Mike Cochran, The Company
  • Lighting Designer-Jennifer Gadzecki
  • Light Board Operator-Julie, Yolanda Aquino
  • Soundboard Operator-Donald Cocker
  • Properties Head-Margaret Martin
  • Shift Crew-Aaron Tunclan, Robert Gray, Delano Anderson, Margaret, Shauntee Smith, Rosa Hernandez
  • Scenic Artisans-Margaret Martin, James LaLone, Delano Anderson, Shauntee Smith, Robert Gray, Rosa Hernandez,
  • Front of House Crew-Friends and Family of the Company

Special Thanks to:

  • George Popovich
  • HFCC Graphics
  • The Experimental Performing Arts Association
  • Anthony Lai, HFCC Music Division
  • Alan Contino, HFCC Virtual Theatricality Lab