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The Playboy Of The Western World

The Playboy Of The Western World

Production Times
8pm Sundays at 2pm

Co-Designed by Gerry Dzublinski and Alex Carr
Costume Design by Judith Fletcher-Barber

HFCC’s ‘Playboy’ An Ambitious Effort

Robert Delany Detroit Monitor August 2009

John Millington Synge’s “The Playboy of Western World” is the latest ambitious stage effort stage of Henry Ford Community College, running through this coming weekend at the Henry Ford Centennial Library Auditorium in Dearborn.

The guiding lights of HFCC’s theatre program seem intent on providing their students with opportunities to do challenging plays, even if that means there are some performers who are fully up to challenge and others who are not.

Written by: John Millington Synge
Directed by: Christopher Bremer
Thursdays through Saturdays, August 13-23, 2009

Cast and Crew

Cast of Characters

  • Yolanda Aquino/Shardai Davis: Margaret “Peegen Mike”
  • Hasem Salem/James Hodges: Shawn Keogh
  • Derek Fawaz: Michael James Flaherty
  • Hasem Salem/Christopher Bremer: Philly Cullen
  • James Hodges/Hasem Salem: Jimmy Farrell
  • Brandon Gantz: Christy Mahon
  • Angie Lai/Darlene Herm: Widow Quinn
  • Darlene Herm/Iris e. Vortuba: Sara Tansey
  • Yolanda Aquino/Shardai Davis: Susan Bradey
  • Iris E. Vortuba/Stephanie Sulls: Honor Blake
  • Stephanie Sulls/Angie Lai: Nelly
  • Gerry Dzublinski: Old Mahon

Production Credits

  • Director: Christopher Bremer
  • Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Scenic Designs: Gerry Dzublinski, Alex Carr
  • Lighting Designer: Christopher Bremer
  • Costume Designer: Judith Fletcher
  • Properties Designer: Gerry Dzublinski, Yolanda Aquino
  • Stage Manager: Iris E. Vortuba
  • Chief Carpenter/Lead Painter: Alex Carr
  • Shop Lab Supervisor: Brian Tarasiewicz
  • Set Construction/Painting: The Company
  • Properties Managers: Shardai Davis, Yolanda Aquino
  • Costume Managers: Yolanda Aquino, Shardai Davis
  • Dialect Coach: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Dramaturg/Program Design: Angie Lai
  • Publicity: Gerry Dzublinski, Mike Cochran, Derek Fawaz, the Company
  • House Manager: Darlene Herm
  • Box Office/Ushers: Friends of the Company
  • Printing: HFCC Graphics
  • Scotty Rowen: Ryan Metcalf
  • Calvin Hayes: Brian Tarasiewicz
  • James Talbert Winston: David Kowlachyk
  • Franklin Biggs: Jason Echols
  • Lana Toller: Amy Gray
  • Stucky: Jason Rooker
  • Ray Blanko: James Piche
  • Mike: Eric Green
  • Chuck: Robert Stamps
  • Greg: Jason Enright
  • Rick: Ben Szilagy
  • Bob Smalley: Jerry Jarvis
  • Reporters and Photographers: Ben Szilagy
  • Brian Tarasiewicz
  • Eric Green
  • Gerry Dzublinski
  • Jason Enright
  • Jason Rooker
  • Townspeople and Children: Gerry Dzublinski, Gwen Ulrey, Jane Ulrey, Joanne Robertson Kelcie Bourquin Marino Murad Rachel Porter Tess Ulrey James Piche Playlet Nine

The War on Poverty

  • Steve: Jerry Jarvis
  • Frank: Jason Rooker
  • James Talbert Winston: David Kowalchyk
  • Joshua Rowen: Steffan Dziczek
  • Franklin Biggs: Jason Echols

Production Staff

  • Director and Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Scenic Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Lighting Designer and Shop Foreman: Chris Bremer
  • Costume Designer and Chief Costumer: Judy Fletcher
  • Sound Designer and Operator: Alex Carr
  • Properties Designer: Jason Enright
  • Weapon Properties Designer: Jerry Jarvis
  • Special Effects Designer and Technician
  • Fight Choreography and Fight Captains: James Piche Ryan Metcalf
  • Rehearsal Stage Manager: Rachel Porter
  • Production Manager: Brian Tarasiewicz
  • Production Stage Manager: Rita Marie Gross
  • Light Board Operator: Kate Ulrey
  • Deck Captain: Tess Ulrey
  • Properties Manager: Amy Gray
  • House Managers: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Kate Ulrey
  • Box Office Managers: Mike Cochran, Sean Robertson
  • Costume Managers: Devona Moore, Laura McCallum
  • Armorers: Jerry Jarvis, Jason Rooker
  • Wigs: Steffan Dziczek, Joanne Robertson
  • Electricians: David Kowalchyk, Jason Enright, Amy Gray, Devona Moore, Brian Tarasiewicz
  • Carpenters and Painters: Jeff Holste, Cast and Crew
  • Publicity Coordinator: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Program: Anne Calahan
  • Work Study: Aundrey Hubbard

Special Thanks to:

  • Dr. Reg Gerlica, Academic Vice-President
  • Associate Dean Nelson
  • Dr. Popovich, Director of Theatre
  • Mayor O’Reilly
  • Mark Guido
  • Maryanne Bartles
  • Dale Van Dorp
  • City of Dearborn
  • HFC Graphics