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Musical Directors: G. Kevin Dewey & Jeremy St Martin
Choreography by Janeen Bodary

HFCC Presents ‘OLIVER!’

Dearborn Times Herald May 2008

Director Gerry Dzublinski embodied the spirit of “the show must go on” this weekend, when he got the type of phone call in the wee hours of Saturday morning directors dread: an actor has been injured and won’t be able to perform. Brian Tarasiewicz, who played Bill Sykes opening night, and served as the show’s assistant technical director, had been in serious car accident and was hospitalized with a fractured hip. So Dzublinski memorized Sykes lines, songs and successfully ‘took to the boards” as the show’s meanest, most despicable character.

Directed by: Gerry Dzublinski
April 18-27, 2008

Cast and Crew

(In order of appearance)

  • Oliver Twist: Gwen Ulrey
  • Mr. Bumble: Steve Nazarek
  • Widow Corney: Amanda Kumm
  • Mr. Sowerberry: Bryan Atterberry
  • Mrs. Sowerberry: Karima Bishop
  • Charlotte: Ellie Warner
  • Noah Claypole: Chris Call
  • The Artful Dodger: Jeff Waddell
  • Fagin: Chris Romeo
  • Charley Bates: Kirsten Koschnitke
  • Nancy: Anne Church
  • Bet: Meg Kisch
  • Mr. Brownlow: James Dizmang
  • Chairman: Maroun Arnaut
  • Bill Sykes: Brian J Tarasiewicz
  • Mrs. Beldwin: Shardai Davis
  • Rose Seller: Brittany Redden
  • Milkmaid: Jesse White
  • Strawberry Seller: Ellie Warner
  • Long Song Seller: Sharon Rondeau
  • Knife Grinder: James Hodges
  • Dr. Grimwig: Ken Scales
  • Bookseller’s Boy: Christian Plonka
  • Old Sally: Brittany Redden
  • Old Annie: Nicole Weltman
  • Night Watchman: Maroun Arnaut
  • Workhouse Children: Nicole Gill, Meg Kisch, Kirsten Koschnitzke Annalee Kuhr, Maye Kuhr, Natalia Martinez, Christina Plonka Brittany Redden, Jane Ulrey, Ellie Warner, Jessie White
  • Fagin’s Gang: Nicole Gill, Amanda Kumm, Natalia Martinez, Christina Polonka, Christina Polonka, Brittany Redden, Ellie Warner, Jessie White
  • Citizens of London: Maroun Arnout, Bryan Atterbury, Karima Bishop, Chris Call, Shardai Davis, James Dizmang, Mary Hawthorne, James Hodges, Amanda Kumm, Steve Nazarek, Christian Polonka, Brittany Redden, Sharon Rondeau, Ken Scales, Ellie Warner, Nicole Weltman, Jessie White
  • The Bow Street Runners: Chris Call, Gerry Dzublinski, Domingo Guzman


  • Music Director and Pianist: G. Kevin Dewey
  • Assistant Music Director and Conductor: Jeremy St. Martin
  • Violin: Veronica Cieri
  • Flute/Piccolo: Jera Gotfelty
  • Soprano Saxophone/Alto saxophone: Christopher Traskal
  • Clarinet/Bass Clarinet: Leah Cronce-Solano
  • Trumpet: Paul Abbott: Jamey Bostek, Patrick Jensen
  • French Horn: Maria Lucente, Arlene Peters
  • Trombone: Corey Boland, Tim Fischer, Ian Stark
  • Drum Set: Ian Kushnir
  • Percussion: Ray Riggs, Eric Shea

Production Staff

  • Director: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Assistant Director: Angie Lai
  • Assistant Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Music Director: G. Kevin Dewey
  • Assistant Music Director: Jeremy St Martin
  • Choreographer: Janeen Bodary
  • Scenic Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Assistant Scenic Director: Jeremy St Martin
  • Properties Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Lightning Designer: Christopher Bremer
  • Sound Designer: Brian J Tarasiewicz
  • Sound and Video Engineer: Alan Contino
  • Special Effects Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Technical Effects Consultant: Majd Murad
  • Costume Designer: Judith Fletcher
  • Costume Design Assistant: Ken Scales
  • Makeup Designer: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Makeup Design Assistant: Sharon Rondeau, Anne Church
  • Acting Coach: Chris Call
  • Dialect Coach: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Production Manager: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Rehearsal and Production Manager: Simone Summers
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Morella Foster
  • Light Board Operator: Kyle Mayville Sound Board Operator: Alan Devlin
  • Spot Light Operator: Andrew Foley, Domingo Guzman
  • Deck Captain: Bryan Atterbury
  • Properties Manager: Shardai Davis
  • Special Effects Captain: Karen Williams, James Dizmag
  • Special Effects Crew: Maroun Arnaut, Christina Polonka Properties Construction: Karima Bishop, Angie Lai, Simone Summers
  • Costume Assistants: Ken Scales, Nicole Weltman, Jessie White
  • Costume Managers: Nicole Gill, Kirsten Koschnitzke, Steve Nazarek
  • Master Carpenter: Brian J Tarasiewicz
  • Scenic Construction: Janeen Broday, Josh Broday, Amy Gray, Anthony Leaphart, Kyle Mayville, The Company and Crew Electricians: Josh Borday, Chris Call, Amy Gray, James Hodges, James Dizmag
  • Historical Research: (Dramaturgy): Angie Lai, Anne Callahaan
  • Publicity: Gerry Dzublinski, Michael Cochran, Simone Summers
  • House Management: Stan Briscoe, Kate Ulrey
  • Refreshments: Annalee Kuhr, Maye Kuhr, Kate Ulrey, Jane Ulrey, Claire Ulrey
  • Box Office Manager: Tracy Koschnitzke
  • Program Layout: Angie Lai, Brian J Tarasiewicz
  • Publicity Printing: HFC Graphics