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Student Directed One Acts

Student Directed One Acts

Two Interesting One-Acts at HFCC

Robert Delany The Detroit Monitor June 28, 2007

Two interesting one-act plays by famous playwrights are among the three productions being offered in this year’s student directed One-Act Festival at Henry Ford Community College’s Adray Auditorium in Dearborn.

Of particular interest, and worth the $5 price of admission by itself, is the first play on the bill, Eugene O’Neil’s “The Web” from 1913. Lila Ghaddar plays Rose Thomas, a prostitute; Rashaud Best is Steve, her pimp; and Mike Fisher as Tim Moran, another resident of the same rundown building.

HFCC Presents One-Act Festival

Sue Suchyta Dearborn Times Herald July 22, 2007

Henry Ford Community College presents a student written play and two short classics by Pulitzer Prize winning playwrights during its annual One Act Festival.

Eugene O’Neill’s “The Web” written in 1913, captures the last night of a seriously ill woman who finds herself unable to break free from prostitution and despairs of finding a way to raise her infant daughter. When a Good Samaritan protects her from her violent pimp, her rescuer becomes a victim, and she falls under suspicion for his murder.

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Written by: Robert Delany
June 21-July 1, 2007

Cast and Crew

The Web

By Eugene O'Neill
Brandon Grantz: Director
Karima Bishop: Stage/Properties Manager


  • Lila Ghaddar: Rose Thomas
  • Rashaud Best: Steve
  • Mike Fisher: Tim Moran
  • Jason Rizk: Policeman
  • Christopher Call: 1st Plain Clothes
  • Brandon Grantz: 2nd Plain Clothes
  • Gerry Dzublinski: 1st Onlooker
  • Amanda Taylor: 2nd Onlooker
  • Karima Bishop: 3rd Onlooker

Hello From Bertha

By Tennessee Williams
Laura McCallum: Director
Patricia Castillo: Stage Manager
Amanda Taylor: Properties Manager


  • Monique Tokar: Bertha
  • Nora Ulrey: Goldie
  • Laura McCallum: Prostitute
  • Amanda Taylor: Lena
  • Patricia Castillo: Little Girl

The F Show

By Nick Kabrovich
Devona Moore: Director
Yolanda Aquin: Stage Mgr
Jason Rizk: Properties Manager
Devona Moore: Costumer


  • Jeffrey Waddell: Mr Fiddlesticks/Mr Giblet
  • Yolanda Aquino: Qwen
  • Jason Rizk: George/Mover
  • Christopher Call: Jacob Curry
  • Amanda Taylor: Samantha Summers
  • Devona Moore: Mover
  • Younis Holcomb: Mover

Festival Production Staff

  • Supervisor: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Danielle Barnes: Set Designer
  • Christopher Bremer: Light Designer/Shop Foreman
  • Brian Tarasziewisz: Assistant Technical Director
  • Younis Holcomb: Production Assistant
  • Cindy Gergely: Secretary/Workstudy
  • Hanandi Charara: Workstudy Shop Technician
  • Jim Piche: Fight Choreographer
  • Costumes: The cast
  • Make Up: The Cast
  • Publicity: Theatre Division
  • Printing: HFC Graphics
  • Program: Younis Holcomb
  • Danielle Barnes: Chief Painter
  • Devona Moore: Scenic Painter
  • Yolanda Aquino: Scenic Painter
  • Brandon Grantz: Scenic Painter
  • Cindy Gergely: Scenic Painter
  • Matthew Votruba: Box Office