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Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night

HFCC Presents ‘Twelfth Night’

Sue Suchyta Dearborn Times Herald April 2005

Henry Ford Community College presents William Shakespeare’s romantic comedy “Twelfth Night” weekends now through May 1 at Adray Auditorium in the Mackenzie Fine Arts Center.

Directed by Gerry Dzublinski, the students under his direction worked very hard at learning about Shakespearean productions and the language of the Bard’s works. The result is an admirable output for the community college level. The show is understandable; moves well, and boast some very talented performers. There is great physical comedy and swordplay, and the set design is a beautiful work of art.

Twelfth Night-2005
Twelfth Night-2005
Twelfth Night-2005
Twelfth Night-2005
Twelfth Night-2005
Twelfth Night-2005
Twelfth Night-2005
Twelfth Night-2005
Twelfth Night-2005
Twelfth Night-2005
Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Gerry Dzuiblinski
April, May, 2005

Cast and Crew


  • Orisino: Mike Fisher
  • Female Belly Dancers: Tess Ulrey, Claire Ulrey,
  • Anne Callahan, Rachel Porter, Julie Brock, Ashley Francis,
  • Nora Ulrey, Jane Ulrey, Gwen Ulrey
  • Male Gilliard Dancers: Jerry Jarvis, Jim Piche, Eric Green, Jason Rooker, Marino Murad
  • Curio: Jerry Jarvis
  • Valentine: Jason Rooker Viola/Cesario: Daniela Mancinelli Kalota
  • Sea Captain: Alex Carr
  • Sailors: David Kowalcyk, Marino Marud, Gerry Dzublinski
  • Shipwreck Sailors: Jane Ulrey, Gwen Ulrey, Ashley Francis
  • Sir Toby Belch: Brad Miller
  • Maria: Anne Cahalan, Ashley Francis
  • Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Steffen Dzicek
  • Feste: Julie Brock
  • Olivia:, Countess of Illyria: Kori Bielnac, Tess Ulrey
  • Olivia’s Lady in Waiting: Ashley Francis, Claire Ulrey
  • Malvollio: David Kowalcyk
  • Antonio: Eric Green
  • Sebastion: Ryan Metcalf
  • Fabian: Jerry Jarvis
  • Priest: Alex Carr
  • 1st Officer: Jason Rooker
  • 2nd Officer: Jim Piche

Artistic Credits

  • Director: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Scenic and Property: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Lighting Designer: Chris Bremer
  • Costume Designer: Judy Fletcher
  • Makeup Designer: Gerry Dzublinski & the Company
  • Composer: Anthony Joseph Lai
  • Choreographer: Tess Ulrey
  • Fight Director, armed: Jim Piche
  • Acting Coach: Brian Tarasiewixz
  • Fight Director, unarmed: Ryan Metcalf
  • Assistant Director: Alex Carr
  • Assistant Scenic and Property Instructor: Alex Carr
  • Assistant Lighting Designer: David Kowalczyk
  • Dance Captain: Tess Ulrey
  • Fight Captain: Jim Piche

Production Crew

  • Stage Manager: Patrick Harrison
  • Assistant Rehearsal Stage Manager: Jason Dobrich
  • Dance Captain: Tess Ulrey
  • Fight Captain: Jim Piche
  • Technical Director: Gerry Dzublinski
  • Assistant Technical Director: Alex Carr
  • Head Painter: Alex Carr
  • Stage Carpenters: David Kowalczyk, Afra Alzaniami, Essa Al Sayag
  • Stage Painters: Afra Alzaniami, Essra Al Sayag
  • Master Electrician: Chris Bremer
  • Properties Master: Lindsey Clark
  • Sound Operator: Sam Williams
  • Light Board Operators: Tess Ulrey, Kate Ulrey, Brian Taraiewixz
  • Deck Captain: Ryan Metcalf
  • Wardrobe Mistress: Ashley Francis
  • Wardrobe Master: David Kowalczyk
  • Wigs and Makeup: Simone Summers, Daniella Mancinelli Kolata
  • Armorers: Anne Calahan, Jerry Jarvis
  • Publicity Coordinator: David Kowalczyk
  • Electricians: Jim Piche, Jerry Jarvis
  • Technical Assistance: Marino Murad
  • House Managers: Lindsey Clark, Tess Ulrey
  • Box Office Managers: Lindsey Clark, Kate Ulrey
  • Work Study Students: Alex Carr, David Kowalczyk, Afra Alzaniami, Essra Al Sayag