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New Playwright's Workshop

New Playwrights Shine at HFCC

Sue Suchyta Dearborn Times Herald June 2004

Henry Ford Community College presented two original new one act plays created and presented by its talented students last weekend. The New Playwright’s Workshop, supervised by faculty member Gerry Dzublinski, runs for one more weekend, and features Darrell Wheat’s “Small Canary Songs” and Sandee Rager’s “Transitions”

Cast and Crew

Small Canary Songs

Written and Directed by Daryll Wheat


  • Nightingale: Nicole Cooper, Eileen Stahl
  • Donald: David Kowalczk
  • Bill: Bradley Miller


Written and Directed By Sandee Rager


  • Amy: Sarah Davis
  • Jeff: Steffan Dzidck
  • Joyce: Rita Marie Gross
  • Carrie: Natasha Rose
  • Chad: Alex Carr (Sandee Rager on 6/24)