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The Tempest

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HFCC Tempest is Tremendous

Sue Suchyta Dearborn Times Herald 04-09-2003

Henry Ford Community College has taken theatre to a new dimension with its stereoscopic 3D presentation of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” The theatre arts department has parlayed a technology grant into a Virtual Theatricality Lab to produce stunning visual effects which are integrated right into the play. Director George Popovich has combined a talented cast, stunning special effects and a skillful edit of a classic play to deliver a riveting production.

Hocus Hyper Focus

Anitia Smaltz Metro Times April 2003

In the beginning, there is a darkness. A royal introductory tune of swirling electro-horns and synthesized harps shoots through the room as if you’re approaching King Arthur’s court, in space. After a screaming mechanical halt, on a floor-to-ceiling screen the words “Another Time-Another Place” stretch across the blackness in dramatically pumped-up white type, like you’re watching an old school outer-space serial thriller. But don’t expect mutant mole people to start attacking their silver-suited masters on Mars, because this is Shakespeare.

HFCC's The Tempest is Otherworldly Experience

Tim Andrassy, Jr. Dearborn Press and Guide April-2003

Dearborn --- As the saying goes, this is not your father’s Shakespeare We are familiar with the updated versions of Shakespeare’s literary works appearing on the silver screen, such as Baz Luhrman’s present-day adaptation of Romeo + Juliet” with Leonardo DeCaprio and Bill Murray in “Hamlet,” set in New York City in the year 2000. With that in mind, one can appreciate what George Popovich and the theatre arts department at Henry Ford Community College (HFCC) have done with their 1950’s sci-fi take on the bard’s betrayal and redemption love story of “The Tempest.”

The Tempest (2004)- Scholarly Endeavors

Pat Andrews The Heritage Newspapers January 2004

The best of both worlds- -high school and college studies - - is enabling 16 year-old Geoff Giralomo to see the world. Well, at the least, the campus of Illinois State University, where he was last week for a major theatre competition. Geoff, a junior at Grosse Ile High School, takes classes at Henry Ford Community College through its dual enrollment program and was one of the six Downriver residents who traveled to Illinois for a theatre festival.

Technical Wizardry Brings Recognition to HFCC

News Herald. Jan. 2004

Henry Ford Community College's Theatre program is taking its act on the road, and they couldn't be happier. HFCC's staging of William Shakespeare's "The Tempest" is one of 10 college theatre productions in the Midwest to be chosen as a Kennedy Center American Theatre Festival regional winner from among 42 colleges in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Virtual Reality Adds Depth To Live

Shantee Woowards Detroit News February 2003

The actors at Henry Ford Community College are being chased with rocks and wood as they prepare for their upcoming production of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. But the flying objects aren’t real. They’re part of the college’s plans to bring virtual reality to theatre. The college’s spring production of ‘The Tempest’ will be the first real test of the Virtual Theatricality Lab.

“This is a combination of a play and a live TV show,” George Popovich, Henry Ford’s director of theatre, says.

What’s Past is Prologue, What’s Present is a ‘Tempest’ that Makes the Most of Computer Technology

Martin F. Kohn, Free Press Theatre Writer Detroit Free Press March 30, 2003

Ten years in the making -- more like 410, if you start with Shakespeare -- here comes the virtual-reality version of "The Tempest." You could argue that all theatre is virtual reality, but George Popovich's production, which opens Wednesday at Henry Ford Community College, is the real virtual deal. The actors are live -- without them it wouldn't be theatre -- but except for a couple of ladders, the scenery is all projected on screens in 3-D, and playgoers are handed special polarized sunglasses to view the full effect.

The Tempest-2003
The Tempest-2003
The Tempest-2003
The Tempest-2003
The Tempest-2003
The Tempest-2003
The Tempest-2003
The Tempest-2003
The Tempest-2003
The Tempest-2003
Directed by: George Popovich
April 2003

Cast and Crew

  • Prospero: Greg Kjolhede
  • Ariel's Voice: Joanna Eckmann
  • Caliban: Jason Mercury
  • Miranda: Natasha Rose
  • Antonio: Jason Thomas
  • Stephana:Joanna Eckmann
  • Gonzalo: Willie Kendal
  • Boatswain: James Sliewsenski
  • Alonzo: Victor Walker
  • Sebastian: Daniel Frederick
  • Human Ariel: Tara Umbarger