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Trojan Women

Acting Outstanding In Weepy Drama

Richard Marsh Dearborn Press and Guide August 2000

The drama department at Henry Ford Community College makes it a point to provide its students as extensive of a variety of theater formats, styles and genres as possible to participate in. The latest is this summer’s “The Trojan Woman,” the Euripides ancient Greek tragedy updated into an Italian forces-occupied area of northern Africa in World War II.

Trojan Women

Sue Suchyta Dearborn Times Herald August 2000

Henry Ford Community College closes its 1999-2000 theatre season August 27 with their production of Euripides; “Trojan Women” (in contemporary translation). While the complicated dialogue and tragic nature of the play does not appeal to non-theatre aficionados, the show represents an important challenge to college actors.

Written by: Euripides
Directed by: Gerry Dzuiblinski
August 2000

Cast and Crew

  • Soldiers: Majd Murad, Sevy Martin, Tim Jacobs, Rami Younas, Billy Spicher, Jim Piche
  • Admiral Poseidon: Sevy Martin
  • Athena: Joanna Eckman
  • Hecuba: Jere Ortiz
  • Female Chorus: Jamie Jacobs, Joanna Eckman, Amy Gray, Kimberly Shamey, Laurel Wolfe, Joanne Robertson
  • Cassandra: Deirdre Ortiz-Brittain
  • Leftenant Talthybius: Abe Dakhlallah
  • Andromache: Morgan Manasa
  • Astayanax: Sean McIntyre
  • General Menelaus: Dan Frederick
  • Helen: Jamie Jacobs