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Freakshow Brain

Local Playwrights Serve Up Strong 1-Act Plays

Brenda Smith The Observer Eccentric June 1998

Henry Ford Community College Theatre Arts presented its New Playwrights Workshop, which features two different plays that bring out two completely different emotions. "Silent Thoughts" and "Freak Show Brain" look at things we see on television everyday.

Freakshow Brain

Dearborn Press And Guide June, 1998

Henry Ford Community College will host its third annual New Playwrights Workshop the next two weekends in the Adray Auditorium in the MacKenzie Fine Arts Center on the main college campus. The two featured playwrights this year are Leah Ankeny and Sandee Rager. Ankeny, a Dearborn native now living in the Seattle area, will present "Freak Show Brain." Her "From Inside" was performed at last year's workshop.

HFCC Presenting Original One-Acts

Richard Marsh Dearborn Press And Guide June, 1998

Nothing is a secret anymore. Titillating confessions, once only discussed in hushed whispers, are now prime TV.

"Look at that, these incredible people, all of that dirt on other people makes us feel better about ourselves," said Leah Ankeny, author of "Freak Show Brain," one of two original works being presented as part of Henry Ford Community College's Third Annual New Playwright's Workshop.

Freakshow Brain-1998
Written by: Leah Ankeny
Directed by: Leah Ankeny
June 1998

1999 Page Award Winners

  • Outstanding Achievement By An Actress In A One Act Play or Monologue: Fatimah Bazzy

Cast and Crew

  • The Barker: Fatimah Bazzy
  • Assistant 1, the Teacher: Amanda Bates
  • Assistant 2, the Lawyer: Kimberly Paris
  • Girl Next Door: Peggy Easa
  • The Family Man: Jason Thorton
  • The Prep School Girl: Meagan Groves
  • The Psychology Student: Carol Calzada