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Adapted from the Novel by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly

Special Effects, Acting Are Outstanding

Richard Marsh Dearborn Press And Guide April 1998

An old theater adage states that a show's tech should not overpower the acting - unless you are doing Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera." This rule has some truth to it, but is also an easy excuse for weak acting. If the cast is strong enough, it should be able to withstand any competition on stage.

Written by: Victor Gianella
Directed by: Dale Van Dorp
April 23-May 3, 1998

1998 Page Award Winners

  • Outstanding Achievement In A Non-Musical: Dale Van Dorp
  • Outstanding Achievement In Makeup Design: Laurence Fron
  • Outstanding Achievement In Sound Design: Dale Van Dorp
  • Outstanding Achievement In Special Effects: Dale Van Dorp

Cast and Crew

  • Victor Frankenstein: James Piche
  • Hans Metz: Jason Wrobel
  • Peter Schmist: Kurt Pearson
  • Henry Clerval: William L. Bush
  • Elizabeth Lavenza: Erin Cece
  • William Frankenstein: Bryan Fraser
  • Justine Moritz: Julie Reeb
  • Lionel Muller: Chadwick A. D’Aigle
  • Frau Mueller: Amanda: Amanda Bates
  • Alphonse Frankenstein: Laurence Fron
  • Delacy: Jeremy Burzuk
  • The Creature: Michael Overbay
  • Fritz: Dee Jay Reeb