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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol Is Memorable

Richard Marsh Dearborn Press and Guide Nov. 30, 1995

Henry Ford Community College opened its version of "A Christmas Carol" last weekend with some memorable results. HFCC may not have a veteran Scrooge like Meadowbrook's Booth Coleman or a famous lead star like John Astin at the Fox. It does have a special effects wizard in Dr. George Popovich.

While it is today perceived as such, "A Christmas Carol" was not originally written for the young -child audience. Because of its holiday connection, the story has been adapted time and again with the youngster in mind.

A Christmas Carol-1995
A Christmas Carol-1995
A Christmas Carol-1995
A Christmas Carol-1995
A Christmas Carol-1995
A Christmas Carol-1995
A Christmas Carol-1995
A Christmas Carol-1995
A Christmas Carol-1995
A Christmas Carol-1995
Written by: Charles Dickens
Directed by: Gerard Dziublinski
November 24-December 3, 1995

1996 Page Award Winners

  • Outstanding Achievement In Makeup Design: Judy Fletcher-Barber
  • Outstanding Achievement In Special Effects Design: Dr. George Popovich

Cast and Crew

  • Little Girl Cratchit, Street Child: Erin Agemy
  • Christmas Present, Fezziwig Guest, Puppeteer: Fatimah Bazzy
  • Fezziwig Guest, Phantom, Joe the Beetler: Tony Bonnici
  • Fezziwig Guest, Fred’s Wife’s Sister, Passerby, Puppeteer: Joy Bosidis
  • Marley’s Head, Puppeteer: Steve Bussa
  • Fezziwig Guest, Business Man #1: George Coss
  • Business Man #2, Dick Wilkis, Party Guest: Joe Coulter
  • Little Boy Cratchit, Boy on Street: Sarah Endyke
  • Belle, Phantom, Puppeteer: Gayle Erkfitz
  • Fred’s Wife, Fezziwig Guest, Phantom: Karyn Fazakas
  • Charwoman, Phantom: Angela Fernandez
  • Blind Beggar, Phantom: Jennifer Garvin
  • Mother with Child: Aprielle Gooden
  • Street Child, Belinda Cratchit: Britani Gooden
  • Phantom, Laundress: Leona Gooden
  • Want, Street Child: Janelle Griaitis
  • Young Boy Scrooge, Ignorance, Street Child, Ben Harpe
  • Poor Girl Next Door, Street Child: Emily
  • Harpe Peter Cratchit: Justin Issaa
  • Young Man Scrooge, Business Man #3. Street Person: Nick Jan
  • Christmas Past, Puppeteer, Street Child: Sheri Kempinski
  • Young Man Scrooge, Business Man #3: Larry King
  • Puppeter: Lynn Koziara
  • Solicitor #1, Puppeter: Jim Maher
  • Mrs. Cratchit: Shannon Marcetic
  • Mrs. Fezziwig, Fred’s Wife’s Sister, Passerby: Bisanne Masoud
  • Tiny Tim: Andrew McIntyre
  • Cripple, Puppeter: Lynn McIntyre
  • Bob Cratchit: Vince Nappo
  • Scrooge: Carmen Savastano
  • Fred Fezziwig Guest: Robert Shipman
  • Mr. Fezziwig, Middle Aged Scrooge, Puppeter: Adam Stein
  • Fred’s Maid: Leeann Smith
  • Topper, Marley’s Body, Party Guest, Puppeter, Passerby: Dan Taylor
  • Solicitor #2, Fezziwig’s Maid: Pat White
  • Fan, Puppeteer, Phantom: Abby Ziaja