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Sly Fox

Written by: Larry Gelbart
Directed by: Dale Van Dorp
November 1994

1995 Page Award Winners

  • Outstanding Achievement By A Lead Actor: Mitch Range
  • Outstanding Achievement For Production: Dale Van Dorp
  • Outstanding Achievement In Set Design: Thomas Anderson

Cast and Crew

  • Simon Able: Mitch Range
  • Sly’s Servants: Melvin Beasley, Bill Berryman, Pat White
  • Foxwell J. Sly: Sergio Mautone
  • Lawyer Craven: Steve Swasey
  • Jethro Crouch: Jim Meade
  • Abner Truckle: Andy Huff
  • Miss Fancy: Trisha Ali
  • Mrs. Truckle: Paulette Ladouceur
  • Crouch’s Servant: Tony Bonnici
  • Captain Crouch: Eric Moore
  • The Chief of Police: Robert Shipman
  • 1st Policeman: Bill Berryman
  • Bailiff: Tony Bonnici
  • Court Clerk: Pat White
  • The Judge: Sergio Mautone