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Glengarry Glen Ross

Acting Stellar in HFCC Drama

Richard Marsh Dearborn Press and Guide August 1994

If you work in a sales office, you may have problems watching “Glengarry Glen Ross,” Henry Ford Community College’s summer production. The portrayals of the cast are so effective and believable; you can identify the characters as salespeople you have dealt with somewhere in the past.

The credentials of the cast are impressive, but credits are worthless during a new production. These actors have to re-prove themselves each show. They certainly did here.

Written by: David Mamet
Directed by: Joe Hickey
August 1994

Cast and Crew

  • Shelly Levene: Ord Frazier
  • John Williamson: Stephen Swasey
  • Dave Moss: Mark Merry
  • George Arrow: Sergio Mautone
  • Richard Roma: Eric Moore
  • James Lingk: Andrew Huff
  • Baylen: James Stanley