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An Evening Of Performance Art

Performance Art Is Departure From Norm

Richard Marsh Dearborn Press and Guide March 1993

In New York, the farther away you are from Broadway, the more unconventional the plays tend to be. Henry Ford Community College's Evening of Performance Art last week was way off of Broadway, in both actual miles and play content. The presentation featured 10 pieces staged by the students in the college's Experimental Theatre Production class. The budding thespians have full control of their playlets, from concept to casting to producing and often acting in them. The pieces ran from the pleasant to intense soliloquy.

Written by: (Concieved by) George Popovich
Directed by: Dr. George Popovich

Cast and Crew

A Multi-Media Plea for World Peace

  • Concept/ Author: Denise Ostendorf
  • Performer: Denise Ostendorf
  • Sound, Effects, Lighting, Video, Props: Denise Ostendorf, Terrence Thompson, Luis
  • Artwork: Denise Ostendorf

Train of Thoughts (A Stream-of-Conciousness “Techno-Poem”)

  • Concept/ Author: Ord Frazier
  • Performer: Ord Frazier
  • Sound, Lighting, Video: Ord Frazier

Banshee Dance

  • Concept/ Author: William Korsak
  • Performers: Catherine Noble, Steven Banch, William Korsak, Jack Price
  • Effects, Sound: William Korsak

Killer’s Head (The Last Thoughts of a Mass Murderer, According to Playwright Sam Shepard)

  • Concept/ Author: Sam Shephard
  • Performer: Darryl Strasser
  • Sound, Lighting, Effects, Props: Darryl Strasser

The Life of Me (The Slide Impression of One Person’s Life)

  • Concept/Author: Erik Lund
  • Sight and Sound: Erik Lund

Ten Swine in Electro-Convulsive Therapy (An Impressionistic Sound Collage of Life in a Mental Institution)

  • Concept/ Author: Brian Nedwiedofski
  • Performers: Brian Nedwiedofski, Curtis Glatter, Lynn Freeman, Jack Price, Sergio Mautone, William Korsak, Catherine Noble, Brenda Bell, Barbara Spilka
  • Sound, Effects, Lighting: Brian Nedwiedofski

The Black Sheep (Karen Finley’s Plea for Social Tolerance)

  • Concept/ Author: Karen Finley
  • Performer: Jack Price