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The Great White Hope

HFCC Hits Pay Dirt With Summer Play

Richard Marsh Dearborn Press And Guide July 1992

This summer's play, "The Great White Hope," was another massive undertaking for the Theater Department at Henry Ford Community College. The school has not staged a musical in over two years, but shows like this and last December's "MacBeth" require as much work as one. This production features 37 cast members, many of whom are in multiple roles. There are 19 scenes and five monologues, all with different settings. It is a set director's nightmare.

The Great White Hope-1992
The Great White Hope-1992
Written by: Howard Sackler
Directed by: Catrina Ganey
June 17-27, 1992

1993 Page Award Winners

  • Outstanding Achievement In Program Design: Catrina Ganey
  • Outstanding Achievement In Sound Design: Darryl Thomas

Cast and Crew

  • Weigh-In, Barby, German Officer, Press: Abraham Anderson
  • Press, Ranger, Stenographer, Men at Beau Rivage, Coates, Man at Yhr Fight: Steve Andrews
  • Press Ragosy, Young Detective, Drunk at the Fight: Brent Brozek
  • Young Negro, Barker, Temmate: Kevin Cannon
  • Clara: Benita Charles
  • Brother, Negro Man, Distinguished Negro, Pailman, French Handler, Paco: Michael Chenevert
  • Negro Man, Pastor: Gene Connolly
  • Negro Woman, Sister, Negro Woman on the Street: Annie Cross
  • Deacon, Negro Man, Brother, Negro on the Street: David Glover
  • Smitty: Thomas Downey
  • Trainer, Blackface, Man at Beau Rivage, Sir William, Promoter, Man at the Fight, Michael Garcia
  • Jack Jefferson: Alonzo Greer
  • Marcher, Woman in D.A.’s Office, Mrs. Kimball: Roseann Gruley
  • Dixon: Michael Hendin
  • Mrs. Jefferson: Sandra Jones- Kariem
  • Little Boy, Cuban Boy: Raphael Jones-Kariem
  • Little Girl: Sandra Jones- Kariem
  • Cap’n Dan: Thomas Hoagland
  • Press, Man in Reno, Photographer, Klossowski, Waiter, Bill Korsak
  • Goldi, Keith Lenart’s Brother, Young Negro, African Student: Larry Dinwiddie
  • Rudy: Corey Moore
  • Colonel Cox, Policeman, Eubanks, German Officer, The Kid: Eric Moore
  • Press, Donnelly, Pop: Mitch Range
  • Tick: William Rowels
  • Trainer, Drunk in Reno, Man in D.A.’s Office, Man at Beau Rivage, Man at Le Harve, El Jeffe: Robert Sanchez
  • Brady, Mat at Beau Rivage, Inspector Wainwright, Gernam Officer, Stage Hand, Policeman: Davin Schoen
  • Woman Marcher, Woman in D.A.’s Office, Woman at Le Harve: Jacqueline Scott
  • Man in Reno, Policeman, Man at Beau Rivage, Farlow, Man at Le Harve, German Officer, Young Detective: Jonathon Schultz
  • Eamper Bachman: Jennifer Sourbeck
  • Man in Reno, Policeman, Marcher, Man in D.A.’s office, Treacher, Juggler, Mexican, Man at Fight: Andrew Smereck
  • Scipio: Robert Stamps
  • Fred: Neil Swak
  • Man in Reno, Camerson, Man at Le Harve, Porter: Kevin Walsh
  • Negro Woman, Sister, Woman on Chicago Street: Lillian Washington
  • Mrs. Backman: Pat White