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Metro Times Cover Story

Hobey Echlin Nov 11, 1991

MACBETH, for those out of practice with the verse of the Bard, is the story of a diabolical Scottish nobleman and his equally scheming wife who murder their way to the throne of Scotland and pay the consequences. They are coaxed on via the visitations of a coven of witches, who reveal Macbeth's ascendancy to the couple in a series of ominous prophecies. Perhaps Shakespeare's darkest play, Macbeth is also about the death of language, or rather its reinvention into different meanings, just as the witches' amorphous oracles offer contradictory interpretations as the plot evolves.

Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Dr. George Popovich
November 14-24, 1991

1992 Page Award Winners

  • Outstanding Achievement By A Technical Director: Dr. George Popovich
  • Outstanding Achievement in Lighting: George Popovich, Laurel Wilson, Mike Cavallero
  • Outstanding Achievement in Special Effects: Dr. George Popovich

Cast and Crew

  • Macbeth: Thomas Hoagland
  • Duncan: Mike Garcia
  • Malcolm: Travis Reiff
  • Donalbain: Keith Milewski
  • Banquo: Mark Powell
  • Shadow Macbeth: Mark Powell
  • Macduff: Steven Nicolich
  • Lennow: Mike Petee
  • Ross: Victor Bidini
  • Angus: Keith Lenart
  • Fleance: Kevin Walsh
  • Young Siward: Michael Petee
  • Seyton: Keith Lenart
  • Scottish Doctor: Mike Garcia
  • Sergeant: Steve Schoben
  • Porter: Vic Bidini
  • Old Man: Mike Garcia
  • Lady Macbeth: Marissa Pleschakov
  • Shadow Lady Macbeth: Marissa Pleschakov
  • Hecate: Marissa Pleschakov
  • Lady MacDuff: Jen Shea
  • Lady MacDuff’s Daughter: Rosemary Montgomery
  • Witches: Tracy Spada, Amy Armstrong, Jen Shea, Lori Przyblo, Jen Sourbeck, Rosean Gruley