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The Unwicked Witch

HFCC Play Too Fast

Richard Marsh Dearborn Press and Guide January 11, 1990

At first glance, the production of "The Unwicked Witch," staged by the Children's Theatre group at Henry Ford Community College, was rather slick with its finely crafted set and appropriate mood-setting music, the perfect kind of show for children to see. Watching a few minutes of the play revealed some major basic flaws in the show, problems especially hampering the enjoyment of the production by kids, the show's intended audience.

Written by: Madge Miller
Directed by: Jerry Dzuiblinski
January 1990

Cast and Crew

  • Luke: James Komar
  • Hobble: Laurel Wolfe
  • Wobble: Heidi Wright
  • Gobble: Christine Agius
  • Invisible Wobble: Suzanne Radwan
  • Invisible Hobble: Alicia Steffes
  • Invisible Gobble: Annie Zambo