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Children Of A Lesser God

Silent Wonder: HFCC's Drama Excellently Done

Richard Marsh Dearborn Press and Guide December 12, 1990

Detroit may boast about its Attic Theatre, Wayne State University Theater, and the Theatre Company of the University of Detroit, but Henry Ford Community College's theater program is continuing to equal other institutions, and, in some instances, even surpass them. HFCC's most recent production, "Children of a Lesser God," staged last weekend is a good case in point.

HFCC Stage Silent Love Story

Richard Marsh Press and Guide Dec. 6,1990

The Tony award-winning drama "Children of a Lesser God," by Mark Medhoff, will be presented by the Performing Arts Department of Henry Ford Community College Wednesday - Sunday, Dec. 5-9, in the Adray Auditorium of the MacKenzie Fine Arts Center.

Striving For Realism On Stage: "Children Of A Lesser God"

Staging the play, "Children of a Lesser God" last week was no easy task for the people at Henry Ford Community College.

As the drama's setting is in and near a school for the deaf, director George Popovich wanted to make the play as authentic as possible. To do this, he cast deaf people in two of the main roles and had another lead performer spend six months learning American Sign Language (ASL).

Our Points Of View: HFCC Play Bridged Different Worlds

Dearborn Press and Guide Editorial Dec. 1990

"Children of a Lesser God," a play staged last weekend by Henry Ford Community College, points out the fact that many hearing people do not know how to properly communicate with those who are deaf.

Many are quick to call the hearing-impaired "handicapped." While there are such people who are handicapped, those handicaps have nothing to do with the ability to hear. It is the same as with hearing people who are handicapped. The handicaps have nothing to do with people's ability to hear, either.

Children Of A Lesser God-1990
Children Of A Lesser God-1990
Children Of A Lesser God-1990
Children Of A Lesser God-1990
Children Of A Lesser God-1990
Children Of A Lesser God-1990
Children Of A Lesser God-1990
Written by: Mark Medoff
Directed by: George Popovich
December 5-9, 1990

1990 Page Award Winners

  • Outstanding Achievement by a Lead Actor in aNon-Musical: Jeff Simms

1991 Page Award Winners

  • Outstanding Achievement By A Director: Dr. George Popovich
  • Outstanding Achievement By A Lead Actress in A Non-Musical: Michelle Lytle
  • Outstanding Achievement in a Non-Musical: Dr. George Popovich

Cast and Crew

  • James Leeds: Jeff Simms
  • Sarah: Michelle Lytle
  • Mrs. Norman: Amy Armstrong
  • Orin: Tom Downey
  • Lydia: Nancy McCall
  • Klein: Bob Ketterer
  • Interpreters: Lori Jean and Richard Jasper