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Updates For Theatre Majors

THEA 256, Directing, is a requirement for the AA in Theatre Arts from HFC. It is offered Winter semester 2016. This class will not be offered again until WINTER OF 2018. If you plan on graduating in the next 2 years, you should take the class now. There will be no waivers or exceptions to this requirement.

Other advance courses you may be interested in Winter semester are
THEA-257-01 (108181) Pantomime & Phys Tech for Actor
THEA-273-01 (108182) Voice for the Actor
VTL-268-01 (107848) Film Acting I
VTL-235-02 (109114) Sci Fict, Fantasy, Horror Film (This class is officially closed—I will consider overrides on an individual basis.)
THEA-232-70 (108169) Acting II
THEA-135-70 (108167) Intro to Stage Makeup—There is one opening in this class. After that opening is closed—no other students will be admitted.