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The Laramie Project

AUDITIONS will be held for The Tectonic Theatre Project’s original THE LARAMIE PROJECT, a play by Moisés Kaufman. This is for
HFCC’s Summer Semester 2012. The play is directed by: Karen Brehmer.

Auditions Held:
-Tuesday, April 24th, and Thursday, April 26th from 7-10 p.m.
-Auditions held in Adray Auditorium, MacKenzie Fine Arts Center
-Come either or both nights!
-High School Students Welcome!!

- Audition materials will be provided the evening of.
(Course enrollment required by all who are cast)
Cast requirements:
-15 actors (men and women, multiple roles)
-Production staff of 8-10, preferably filled by actors
Tuesday, June 26 - Thursday, August 16
Every Mon.-Thurs. 7-10 p.m.
8 performances: August 16-26

THE LARAMIE PROJECT: Additional Information

1. No scripts will be made available before auditions. Use a traditional text if wanting to prepare more for auditions.

2. The production will run approximately 2 hours, including intermission(s).

3. Setting is Laramie, Wyoming, 1998. The audience will be seated onstage for performance.

4. This is an actor’s show. If cast, you will play more than one role. There is strong subtext, raw language in response to spur of the moment questions, and varying levels of energy. Show these qualities in your audition.

5. There is one song to be sung by multiple cast members: Amazing Grace. Ability to sing is not a must; just be aware of this moment (it is small in length).

6. Auditions will be closed: one actor present at a time.

7. Memorize at least one monologue for a character you believe you are suited for. Stage it and perform with subtext during audition. Audition Monologues found on side two.

8. You will also be asked to cold read from other monologues/scenes in the script during auditions. Be familiar with the general story of The Laramie Project and several characters you are interested in playing.

9. Cast list will be posted by the weekend immediately following auditions, or the Monday after.

10. If cast, you should begin memorizing your lines once you pick up your script. Our rehearsal process will be intense and will need to move quickly. Parts should be memorized by the first rehearsal in June, though if you have page-long (or more) monologues, you have some leeway.

11. Rehearsals begin Tues., June 26, 2012 and end Wed., Aug. 15 (7-10 p.m., Mon.-Thurs.) The week of Aug. 20, we will have a pick up rehearsal and a photo call. Performances will be Aug. 16-26, Thurs.-Sun. only.

12. All performances will be at 8 p.m., with the exception of Sundays, which will perform at 2 p.m. There are 8 performances total.

13. Strike of production will take place Aug. 26, immediately after the performance. We will also have a pot luck meal to close the show once strike is over.

14. In order to accept your role, you must be registered for the appropriate 3 credit production class, which includes rehearsals, work calls, and performances: STH 142, 242, or 259. This will be for the summer 2012 semester.

15. As this is a production class, you will be expected to learn about various aspects of stage production. To that purpose, you will also receive technical assignments, including Stage Manager. Stage Manager will have a small acting role.

16. The play focuses on murder, homosexuality, and religious beliefs. Profanity, vulgarity, violent details, and influence of drugs are present in this production. If you have severe reservations about any of the above topics, please understand that your role in this play might be best suited as an audience member.

17. You are expected at every rehearsal you are called for. Grades are given for this production course. Attendance and participation will be the sole factors in what determines your grade. Roles will be redistributed if expectations are not met.

For further information, contact Karen Brehmer at or
Gerry Dzuiblinski in F-145, call 845-9892, or email