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Classes Winter 2011

STH 131-Theater Appreciation TR 9:40-11:00
STH 131-Theater Appreciation TR 12:40-2:00
STH 131-Theater Appreciation MWF 11:08-12:00
STH 131-Theater Appreciation MWF 12:08 -1:00
STH 131-Theater Appreciation MW 4:30-5:50
STH 132-Acting I TR 12:40-2:00
STH 132-Acting I TR 4:30-5:50
TCM 235-Science Fiction and Horror Films MWF 10:08-11:08
STH 235-Motion Capture Performance andProduction TR 11:10-12:30
STH 131-Theater Appreciation M 7:30-10:05
STH 132-Acting I W 6:00-8:50
STH 133-Technical Theater TBA
STH 134-Technical Theater Rotating Skills TBA
STH 142-Theatrical Production TR 7:25-10:05
STH 155-Speech Activity:Theater TBA
STH 232-Acting II TR 9:40-11:00
STH 233-Advanced Technical Theater TBA
STH 135-Intro To Stage Makeup W 6:50-8:50
STH 235-3D Stereo Video production For Stage and Screen TR 12:40-2:00
STH 242-Advanced Theatrical Production TR 7:25-10:05
STH 256-Directing TR 2:10-3:30
STH 259-Experimental Theater Production TR 7:25-10:05
STH 263-Intermediate Motion Capture TR 2:10-3:30
HUM101-Introduction To Humanities-Theater Portion W 7:25-10:05