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Virtual Theatricality Lab Classes Winter 2010


The VTL’s certificate program will graduate its first students Fall, 2009. The VTL Motion Capture Systems Technician Course Sequence will begin again Winter, 2010.

The first VTL course in the sequence, STH 262 , Introduction To Motion Capture, will be offered Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:10P-3:30P. Maya, Art 209, is a prerequisite for this course and can be taken concurrently with the permission of the STH 262 instructor.

Please consult the Art Department Schedule of classes at:
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For a description of the Certificate, see:

The VTL will also offer the following courses in addition to the Certificate Program. These courses do not have prerequisites.

STH 235-01: Topics in Theater Motion Capture Performance and Production
A lab-based computer class dealing with the principles of Motion Capture Performance and Motion Capture Production for use in Virtual Theatricality, Motion Pictures, Gaming, Television, Web Media and Motion Studies. This course provides an introduction to the motion capture pipeline from setting up the lab and capturing data to applying the data to animated characters in MotionBuilder. This course will consist of two tracks, depending on student interest.

The two tracks are Performance (for Actors) and Production (for Artists and Technicians). The fundamental principles of motion capture technology will be learned while working through a structured series of assignments that will culminate in a 20 second animated sequence based around a particular performance, gesture or motion. The exercises will be supplemented with lectures, demonstrations and readings in other texts. Grades will be based upon class participation and successful completion of all the required elements at each point throughout the semester. There is required lab time outside of class and students should expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours per week working through the assignments. Meets TR 11:08A-12:30P

STH 235-02 Greenscreen Production for Stage and Screen.
This course is an overview an overview of how greenscreen production works in motion picture and stage production and will provide provide a basic foundation for the execution of green screen technologies for use in stage and motion picture productions.

This course will aid the student in developing a basic skill set for visual effects occupations in the theater and motion pictures and ensure the creation of a student demonstration reel of visual effects techniques to use for job placement and further educational opportunities. Course is offered 12:20-2:00 pm, TR.

TCM 235-01: Science Fiction and Horror Films
This course will familiarize the student with the basics of film criticism and representative science fiction and horror films from the 30s, 40s, 50s 6s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and beyond This course will foster critical thinking in genre film analysis. and foster an appreciation of different cinematic styles from varying time periods.

Additionally, emphasis will be placed on group discussion of science fiction and horror films and critical writing about science fiction and horror films. An analysis will also be devoted to television’s influence on genre film and vice versa.

Questions, email or call:
Dr. George Popovich Director, Theater Arts Virtual Theatricality Lab Henry Ford Community College Dearborn, Mi.