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Spring Theater Classes 2009

Henry Ford Community College Fine Arts and Fitness Division will offer several theater and speech classes, Spring semester, 2009. The Spring Semester runs from May 12-June 29 2009.

SPC 131. Fundamentals of Speaking. This introductory Speech course is ideal for those wishing to acquire ease in speaking to groups at the workplace or social functions. The course is highly transferable and is usually a general education requirement at most four-year schools. Dr. George Popovich will teach the course on MTWR from 8:00-9:30 AM, MTWR from 9:35 AM to 11:05 AM and on MTWR 11:40 to 1:10 PM. For a complete list of other instructors teaching this course, please consult the HFCC course schedule.

STH 262, Introduction to Motion Capture will be offered this Spring session. This courses is offered under the auspices of The Virtual Theatricality Lab. The course will be taught by Alan Contino, VTL Mo-Cap Chief Engineer. The course will be offered TWR 9:35-11:40 AM. For info: 313-845-6478. This class is part of our Certificate In Motion Capture. For more info, see:

STH 131 Theater Appreciation. This survey course consists of lecture and discussion classes in the components, methods, and history of theatrical productions. Subject areas may include, but are not limited to acting, directing, technical theater, and history. The class meets TWR 9:35-11:30 AM and is taught by Gerry Dzuiblinski.

STH 132 Acting I is an introductory performance course. The fundamentals of modern acting are covered. The class meets TWR 11:40 AM-1:20PM and is taught by Brian J. Tarasiewicz.

STH 133, Technical Theater and STH 233, Advanced Technical Theater, will be offered TBA and taught by HFCC Theater Technical Director Gerry Dzuiblinski. These classes will supply the lights, scenery, and sound for the HFCC Theater Arts Spring production of Student Directed One Acts. Persons interested in being on the technical crew for Student Directed One Acts should call Dzuiblinski at 313-845-9817.

STH 142, Theatrical Production and STH 242, Advanced Theatrical Production, and STH 259, Experimental Theater production, will be offered MTWTH 7:00PM-10:05 PM.for persons interested in performing in Student Directed One Acts. Persons interested in acting in Student Directed One Acts should call Gerry Dzuiblinski at 313-845-9817.

STH 134, Technical Theater Rotating Skills will be offered TBA and is for those wishing to specialize in a particular area of technical theater.

INFO: (313-845-6478;