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The Skriker

The purpose of our first show was to explore the capabilities, limitations, and potential of computer generated 3D stereoscopic scenery and to experiment with animation and the use of virtual reality props. In this respect, The Tempest was a critical, artistic, and commercial success.

VTL's next production will focus exclusively on the actor. The production will be Caryl Churchill's The Skriker. Melding English folklore with a contemporary environment, Churchill has managed to create a terrifying dramatic "fairy tale." The story revolves around the Skriker, a shapeshifter and evil spirit. The creature is able to morph into different characters and brings with it an entourage of demons, gnomes, and monsters.

The Skriker, related characters and demons will be created by actors utilizing motion capture suits, facial expressors, and digital gloves. A series of digital puppets will be created that will enable one actor to assume many roles without the aid of makeup, costumes, etc. Additionally, the digital puppets will be capable of physically doing things that humans cannot such as disassembling, flying, growing, shrinking and transforming into other creatures. The actor will control all aspects of the digital puppets, and each expression, movement and sound the actor creates will be transferred to the puppet. This all will occur in real time. As in The Tempest, 3D stereoscopic projection will be used. Persons interested should contact George Popovich @ 313-845-6478